design thinking

Synthesize Systems and Design Thinking to Drive Innovation in Your Organization


When combined, systems thinking and design thinking are two potent ways of approaching problems that can yield novel answers. Systems thinking is a way of thinking that seeks to explain how various components of a system work together to form a whole. It stresses the significance of seeing how various parts of a system are interconnected and how that knowledge can be used to improve things. Conversely, design thinking is a method of problem-solving that […]

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The Sacred and Divine in Organizational Design

For ages, human advancement has relied on the seven liberal arts and sciences. They have been utilized to mold our ways of reasoning, education, and socialization. The seven liberal arts and sciences have been used to create knowledge and skills that have shaped our modern world from the time of the ancient Greeks and Renaissance.   The Trivium and the Quadrivium are two groups that make up the seven disciplines that make up the liberal […]

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