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“As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, similarly, the soul accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.”

  • Baghavad Gita

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Public Affairs

We assess your current communications strategies and align your goals with our global governance and national security toolbox to lay out a strategic plan that helps your brand or organization raise awareness, increase loyalty, and align public-private interests to protect and secure humanity.

Campaign Innovation

We tap into who you are not only as a political candidate but also as a human being and direct you in authentic expression and message cultivation that helps you resonate with voters and activate support. From image consulting to speechwriting & campaign strategy, we help you win.

Disinofrmation Mitigation

We examine the quality of conversations around your brand from social media to Google reviews, news mentions, and obscure forums to assess how your brand is perceived, and then we lay out a communications plan that elevates and positions you as a security-minded change agent in the world.

Crisis Prevention & Management

We design a proactive, socially conscious and security-minded brand experience and communications strategy that are intended to not only prevent PR disasters but also give you the confidence and peace of mind to handle crises do arise and combat dis- or mal- information.

Strategic Policy

We align your brand or organizational goals with a greater purpose in global sustainability and national security and develop policy positions from company, campaign, or organizational policy to public policy that sets you apart as a pioneer of socially conscious and security-minded change.

Brand & Digital Strategy

We cultivate a brand experience that makes your position on pressing issues as well as the actions you are taking clear and engaging. We develop & execute a digital communications strategy that ensures the public knows who you are, what you stand for, and how they can join you.

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Strategic Planning

From policy analysis to political campaign strategy and brand presentation, we carefully perform extensive research and analysis to cultivate unique visions and plans that solve the most pressing issues for you, your campaign, your brand, and the world with a focus on disinformation and malinformation mitigation.

Digital communications & messaging

We have a nuanced understanding of the tools available to us through social media, email lists, web design & development, thought leadership, op-eds and guest posting, online petitions, and more. With a carefully crafted strategy and message, we not only help you get the word out but also convert leads into followers, voters, and supporters.

Social Responsibility

The best way to prevent a PR disaster is to expand your mission and brand experience (no matter the sector) to be socially conscious and responsive to what the public cares about. Whether you are a brand aligning your product and services with the UN SDGs or a politician in need of a viable policy solution that wins or an NGO in need of a campaign strategy that inspires people to act to save the world, we help you become a change agent by aligning a higher purpose with your immediate and long term goals.

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