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The mission of The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications, LLC is to be a leading consultancy in strategic influence and sustainability through strategic intelligence and public affairs services and be a versatile as well as accessible partner in the strategic decision-making landscape for a broad spectrum of clients. Our goal is to help organizations at all levels of society align public and private interests to build a more secure and sustainable world.

Philosophy and Vision

Our philosophy is to connect, convert, and conquer through ethics, integrity, and service. We provide strategic insights and advisory services to help personalities remain truthful and authentic, help companies operate ethically with social responsibility in mind, help governments and the public sector serve the future of humanity as an immediate concern, and help non-profit organizations serve the public by putting the public’s best interest first.

Meet The Cultured Scholar

Felicia S. C. Gooden, M.S. is Founder and Chief Strategist at The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications, LLC, a strategic intelligence and public affairs consultancy helping the public and private sectors remain competitive in strategic influence and sustainability. Felicia has over 10 years of experience in marketing communications and thought leadership, strategic planning, risk analysis, as well as policy research and analysis. Her humanitarian work includes working with Rohingya activists to secure sponsorship for refugees to migrate to the United States. She previously served with the Space Force Association as Editor-in-Chief of
SFA Magazine, taking the publication from concept to delivery

Felicia holds a B.S. in Government: Politics and Policy, an M.S. in International Relations with distinction, and is currently studying an M.S. in Criminal Justice: Forensic Psychology with Liberty University. She holds memberships with the National Space Society and Space and Satellite Professionals International.

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