social wellness startup

An entrepreneur in the wellness space had a vision to launch a series of public benefit corporations and non-profits to spearhead a new ideological movement around social wellness.

The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications collaborated with the client to develop strategic research plans, build out research teams, and develop long-term plans for executing and manifesting his vision.

The Social Wellness Institute was born from this strategic collaboration, and communications materials successfully positioned the organizations to command $500,000 in seed funding from ESG investors with the potential to pull in $4 million within the first year of operation.

strategic intelligence

A supply chain risk management and cybersecurity firm needed additional support for its risk analysis operations.

The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications collaborated with the client’s delivery and risk team to provide geopolitical analysis to enrich its supply chain risk products.

End users were provided with enriched, actionable intelligence products that increased the firm’s project requests and credibility in the defense industry, yielding 300% ROI for government customers.

A government marketing agency needed help with content creation to enhance marketing communications efforts for high-profile tech companies such as Google and Adobe.

The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications collaborated with agency team members to carefully cultivate compelling content that aligned tech solutions with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and U.S. missions.

Client accounts successfully innovated their communications approach to position their brands and solutions as strategic partnerships to the U.S. federal government, setting the stage for improved public-private partnerships.

A space start up needed help cultivating and implementing its federal marketing strategy, increasing customer meetings and procured government contracts.

The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications designed and helped implement a strategic events strategy, social media strategy, and web content strategy by focusing content on positioning the company and its solutions as strategic partnership opportunities to bring innovation to DoD, IC, and civilian agency customers and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The policy solution based communications strategy successfully increased customer leads and successful procurement of government contracts, primarily for defense capabilities and weather/climate data solutions.

digital communications social media image

A digital marketing agency needed support with web design, social media management, as well as content strategy and implementation.

The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications designed and implemented digital communications content and strategies for customer accounts including local scholar ship programs, small businesses, and government IT contractors.

Results for customer accounts, including social media engagement, customer sales, fundraising donations, and government contracts, increased by up to 150%!

A legal and political outsider sought to become Clerk of Courts in Martha’s Vineyard, hoping to change the status quo upon the retirement of a 41 year civil servant and retired lawyer.  A physician’s assistant up against a well-known community lawyer and faced with internal problems within the Massachusetts court system that discredited the value of civil servants outside the legal sphere, the candidate needed assistance with his web presence and campaign communications strategy.

The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications designed and built a bespoke campaign website, including copy that communicated the candidate’s positions and commitment to service highlighting his military experience and community ties. We also coached on digital press commentary as well as wrote stump speeches to help the candidate refine his message and make the case for his candidacy.

Although the status quo prevailed, the candidate posed a significant challenge to his opponent, landing local media coverage that encouraged a head-to-head feat and led to the candidate capturing about a quarter of the vote.

A marketing agency needed help repairing the reputation of a municipality known as “the most racist town in America”.

The Cultured Scholar Strategic Communications identified opportunities for the municipality to change how it engaged with its citizens to change the culture of the community. We also, leveraged our personal experiences in the Bible Belt, deep south as a perspective on how to engage with minority citizens and promote a new cultural image for the town.

We delivered a strategic communications plan outlining various community engagement events including town halls, diversity geared fairs and events, education and training in public schools on cultures and promoting harmonious community living, as well as tax incentives to attract new business and increase tourism.

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