our Process


You share your vision, goals, and ideals to help us understand your end game, and then we identify relevant narratives, trends, and social opportunities to monitor and infiltrate.

opportunity identification
Monitor and track


We monitor prevailing narratives and patterns in the collective consciousness to get a feeling of the cognitive landscape to aid you in your quest.

Analyze and Synthesize

We perform a narrative SWOT analysis with the data collected to create a data-driven strategic narrative plan to enhance your messaging and impact.



We leverage our data analysis and intuitive sense to brainstorm new narrative ideas, angles to seize, ways to spin, and actions to develop an immersive story worthy of cinema.


We carefully cultivate a strategic narrative plan that puts your brand or organization on the path to conquer and achieve your goals.


We partner with your current PR/comms team or our strategic partners to launch your campaign and provide ongoing support through analysis and campaign optimization.

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Designing humanity’s future, one message at a time

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