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UN SDGsA mind and heart for sustainability is the key to unlocking vasts amounts of wealth. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals lays out a framework for how to measure your progress in solving humanity’s problems and building a secure and sustainable world.


Product and program development are useless without a vision to solve big problems and be of service to humanity and planet Earth. Think bigger and set KPIs that deliver on the UNSDG targets and indicators, solving humanity’s problems while building a meaningful purpose for your organization.

Private equity is making the pivot into the space and defense, tech, and healthcare sectors, capitalizing on the opportunity to help investors and clients make money from solving the world’s problems through successful business models that solve global problems with efficacy and efficiency.


Developing a new technology or solution is not just about building up the ego, becoming rich and famous, or building a legacy for oneself. Studying the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is the first step to understanding how to develop and position an innovative product, program, project, or service that solves global problems in a way that drives profits. The art of interest alignment and synthesis is crucial to mega success in the 21st century and beyond.

Sustainable web3 techThe future of the internet is the future of the world. Blockchain technology has created an opportunity to build a more secure and sustainable world on Earth and on the cloud. Smart contracts lay secure breadcrumbs of transactions, creating new ways to secure data, develop provenance for intellectual property and artwork, as well as develop innovative business models and even smart cities.


Evaluate a local, national, or world problem that can benefit from an additional level of security or a technological solution. Develop a framework for how technology can support or present a viable solution for that problem. Study how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects can integrate with or serve as the sole solution, be it a new form of healthcare finance, government receipts, or reinventing the art and antiquities business.

sdg communicationStrategic communication is the way to make an impact through compelling content. The key is to be strategic — to develop personas, get inside the mind of the target audience, understand wants and needs, and focus on providing value  through solving problems.


Google’s recent helpful content update and the consistent growth of generative AI present an opportunity to revise how communications is approached holistically. Go beyond the keywords and develop messaging and content that answers questions and solves problems. Be helpful, not promotional, and the future will be yours.

Being helpful and solution oriented is the key to
development, growth, and long-term success

Program Evaluation

Program or product evaluation will examine your offerings, who you serve, and the global problems you are solving

Policy Evaluation

Public policy evaluation and alignment will determine what public policies you are addressing, what global or local problems and policies you can address, and what levels of society you serve best


Comprehensive policy analysis determines and communicates how your offering is a practical solution to a policy problem, enhancing credibility and positioning your organization as a trusted authority


Narrative Design

Designing your messaging and positioning to ensure that your organization, product, or service meets the needs of your target audience to the benefit of all life on Earth determines whether or not you will succeed in the age of humanism and innovation


From product roadmaps and strategy implementation to risk management and strategic communications campaigns, take the helpful approach to putting your message out to the world and go-to-market confident that your product, service, or program delivers results on solving the world's problems

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