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How Separation from the Divine Destroys Society and What We Can do About It

spiritual connection

Today’s world is disordered and tainted by corruption. Human activity is destroying the environment and creating a world in which the powerful and wealthy can exploit the weak and the poor. This is a world where materialism reigns supreme and where people feel further and further alienated from one another and from God.   A fundamental misunderstanding of God is at the root of this discord. We’ve lost sight of the spiritual realm because of […]

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Applying Spiritual Laws to Business and Organizational design

spiritual laws and business

Businesses in the modern world are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their revenue and profits. Applying spiritual principles to commercial activity is one approach. The premise of spiritual laws is that we can influence the outcomes of our lives by strengthening the bonds between all things in the universe. A more peaceful and productive workplace is possible by studying spiritual laws and their application in business.   The law of attraction is […]

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The Sacred and Divine in Organizational Design

For ages, human advancement has relied on the seven liberal arts and sciences. They have been utilized to mold our ways of reasoning, education, and socialization. The seven liberal arts and sciences have been used to create knowledge and skills that have shaped our modern world from the time of the ancient Greeks and Renaissance.   The Trivium and the Quadrivium are two groups that make up the seven disciplines that make up the liberal […]

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