The Sacred and Divine in Organizational Design

For ages, human advancement has relied on the seven liberal arts and sciences. They have been utilized to mold our ways of reasoning, education, and socialization. The seven liberal arts and sciences have been used to create knowledge and skills that have shaped our modern world from the time of the ancient Greeks and Renaissance.


The Trivium and the Quadrivium are two groups that make up the seven disciplines that make up the liberal arts and sciences. The Quadrivium includes mathematics, geometry, music, and astronomy, whereas the Trivium includes grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The skills and information gained from these fields can be applied in many different contexts.


The seven liberal arts and sciences can be traced back to the Trivium. You can’t learn language, logic, or arguments without it. It’s the cornerstone of learning how to think critically and articulate one’s ideas clearly. Because of this, the Trivium is also known as the “art of thinking.”


In practice, the Trivium becomes the Quadrivium. It involves using mathematical, geometrical, musical, and astronomical ideas in practical contexts. That’s why plenty of people call the Quadrivium the “art of doing.”


Human thought, education, and experience have all been influenced by the seven liberal arts and sciences. They have been used to learn new things that have shaped our contemporary society. Metaphysics, freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and even geopolitics have all benefited from their study.


Organizational design can benefit from the seven liberal arts and sciences in a number of ways. The Trivium, for instance, can help one learn how to think systematically and how to express oneself clearly. The ideas of mathematics, geometry, music, and astronomy can be better understood and their practical applications explored through the Quadrivium. This knowledge can also be applied to better comprehend the economic and political structures by which we are governed.


Organizational design that takes into account the seven liberal arts and sciences can help people learn more about and adapt to their environments. With this knowledge, you may improve your organization’s structure so that it better serves your goals and the needs of your customers.


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