Why Secularization has Failed Humanity and Where We Go From Here


Secularism is a concept that has been around for centuries, but it has never been fully embraced as a viable way of life. The idea of secularism is that it is a way of life based on the separation of religion from public life. It is often seen as a way to promote tolerance and understanding between different religious groups. However, the reality is that secularism has failed to live up to its promise.   […]

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How Separation from the Divine Destroys Society and What We Can do About It

spiritual connection

Today’s world is disordered and tainted by corruption. Human activity is destroying the environment and creating a world in which the powerful and wealthy can exploit the weak and the poor. This is a world where materialism reigns supreme and where people feel further and further alienated from one another and from God.   A fundamental misunderstanding of God is at the root of this discord. We’ve lost sight of the spiritual realm because of […]

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