“No matter how complex global problems may seem, it is we ourselves who have given rise to them. They cannot be beyond our power to resolve.”

– Daisaku Ikeda

The Esoteric Undercurrents of Sustainable Development

The United Nations is a global governance institution that manifested as an outgrowth of the idealism of American presidents. The first attempt began with President Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations in 1914 at the end of World War I. The League of Nations did not take root due to an unwillingness of international governments to put down their proverbial swords and work toward peace through international law. Sovereignty, the right to use force within a state’s borders and beyond, was more critical. However, at the end of World War II, nation-states revisited the concept of a league of nations. Under the leadership of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the United Nations Charter was signed, and the era of Pax Americana began.


The United States of America is a nation-state heavily influenced by Rosicrucian thinkers, including Sir Francis Bacon and John Dee. The idealism that went into the design of America was globally codified through the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. One can find the global call for spirituality, humanism, and ecology made manifest in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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We consult entrepreneurs, corporations, and the non-profit sector on how to align their organizations with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and position themselves as leaders of light to attract Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investors as well as actualize the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our mission aligns with Sustainable Development Goals 16 (Peace Justice and Strong Institutions) and 17 (Partnership for the Goals). We register our notable wins with the ACT4SDGs website. Click the link below to view our profile, find inspiration, and log your own actions!

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