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Geopolitics influences every aspect of life and business. We keep up with the latest news, trends, and risks to create a 360-degree of the world and your place within it.

Applying cultural intelligence and the social sciences, we go beyond the keywords and get into the psyches of global leaders, power brokers, populations, and movers and shakers to help you plan your next move.


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A Holistic Methodology

Three Keys to Success

People. We focus on the decision-makers, strategic planners, and key actors to gain insight into the mindsets at play and possible motives.

Places. We examine the historical and cultural context surrounding risk events and trends as well as potential trends to enrich our analysis and deliver a quality plan to implement.

Things. To set you up for success, we carefully cultivate lists of tools and technologies that will help you reach your goals and optimize your long-term plans and results.

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A Track Record of Success

Supply Chain Risk Defense

We've provided illuminating geopolitical analysis to support a cybersecurity and supply chain risk defense firm with DoD supply chain risk management.

Sustainability Positioning

We've successfully helped clients mitigate their ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) risk by positioning their brands to attract ESG investors and get closer to B-corp status.

Government Marketing & Communications

We've helped space and defense startups and government marketing agencies drive gov tech sales by designing and implementing strategic events, social media, and digital communications strategies.

Plant your seeds and try us out with a starter project!

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