Transformation Strategy

Why the Elite Class Needs to be Reprogrammed

The world is facing unprecedented challenges, from climate change to economic inequality. To build a secure and sustainable world, we must reprogram the psychology of elites.   Elites are the people who hold the most power and influence in society, and their decisions have a huge impact on the world. To create a secure and sustainable world, elites must be willing to make changes that benefit everyone, not just themselves.   The first step in […]

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Synthesize Systems and Design Thinking to Drive Innovation in Your Organization


When combined, systems thinking and design thinking are two potent ways of approaching problems that can yield novel answers. Systems thinking is a way of thinking that seeks to explain how various components of a system work together to form a whole. It stresses the significance of seeing how various parts of a system are interconnected and how that knowledge can be used to improve things. Conversely, design thinking is a method of problem-solving that […]

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Understanding the Importance of Public-Private Interest Alignment


Governments and policymakers must adapt their methods to a world that is always evolving. In recent years, waves of human consciousness have caused a change in the way governments and policymakers think and act. This shift is being fueled by several developments, including technological progress, societal shifts, and a heightened consciousness of international concerns.   The growth of the “green” movement illustrates this shift in perspective. The number of people worried about global warming and […]

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How to Humanize the Financial Markets

humanizing finance

The financial markets have a reputation for being distant and uncaring, but this is not always the case. Humanizing financial markets can strike a balance between corporate and individual interests. Some possible applications are provided below.   First, human needs can be prioritized in the design of financial markets. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created as part of Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 to shield individuals from unfair lending practices. […]

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Aligning Public and Private Interests Will Create a Secure and Sustainable World

public private interests

The ability to align public and private interests is crucial to the success of any nation or organization in today’s globalized environment. A safe and sustainable global community results from converging public and private interests.   There is friction between public and private interests because the motivation for the former is profit maximization and the latter is public service. This tension plays out in the climate change debate, where one side is motivated by profit […]

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